Insect Week Wrap-Up

We hope you’ve learn a lot this week about insects and how to protect your lawn from these annoying little creatures. Now you can start your week one step closer to becoming a Turf Jedi! To wrap up Insect Week, there are four things to take into consideration:

  1. Diagnose the insect before treating. If you do not know what insect you are treating for you may waste time and money on pesticides that won’t help you.
  2. Understand the life cycle of the insects your are looking to control. Some insects are not easily controlled in certain life stages.
  3. Is the insect at a population in which an unacceptable amount of damage will occur? If you find one or two grubs in your lawn there may not be enough to cause damage.
  4. Understand the insects food source. If you have insects that love eating Maple tree leaves then avoid planting maple trees.

When in doubt about what insect problem you have, don’t hesitate to consult a professional you trust.