The Effective Solution to Your Outdoor Needs

Welcome to Kelly George Turf & Irrigation. 
I serve the communities of Altoona and Pleasant Hill specializing in fertilization programs, irrigation and troubled lawns. Let's see what I can do for you!


My service includes spring start up, summer tune up and your winter service all in one package.  It's one stop shop!  I will provide backflow certification to your water purveyor each spring.


My 5 Step Program is designed specifically for Iowa's growing season.  Every six weeks, your lawn will receive the nutrients it needs.  Say goodbye to a weed filled lawn.


The Home Perimeter Control is why my wife keeps me around.  I'll take care of all of the ants, spiders, millipedes and other creepy crawly things around your home.


When it comes to outdoor needs, I have a long list of additional services that I provide.  If your lawn needs it, I offer exactly what it calls for.  This ranges anywhere from aeration to moderate tree trimming.

Irrigation Specialization

I take a different approach when it comes to irrigation work.  I wrap all three of the seasons into one package and file all of the necessary paperwork with the water purveyor.  Once you sign up for my service, you won't need to think about your irrigation.  In the spring, I come start up your system and make sure things are in working order...

5 Step Lawn Application

That’s right, I said FIVE steps. Stop wasting your money on six step programs that are not needed for Iowa's growing season. Why add something that isn’t going to work? My program is designed to provide an even food source for your lawn throughout the season. Each application gives your turf the food it needs to recover from stress induced by normal traffic and mowing. Every time we visit your lawn we spot spray for weeds and blow any granular fertilizer off the sidewalks and driveways. Trust me, the fertilizer is not going to make your concrete grow so why not put it in a place where it will do good instead of getting washed into the gutter?...

Don't Just Take My Word for It!

Here's what my customers have to say...

"We switched to Kelly George Turf and Irrigation in 2013 and went from 3 companies caring for our lawn to 1 and have been thrilled with the results ever since. Throughout the entire growing season, Kelly is analyzing, adjusting and fine tuning the fertilization program and irrigation system until he gets the results he wants. He treats our yard as if it was his own and we love the way it consistently looks. We now enjoy a lush, well manicured lawn that we thoroughly enjoy all season! "    ---  Julanne Lobaito

"Kelly George Turf and Irrigation is the only lawn care provider you will ever need. I have been using this company for the past 17 years. Kelly George does it all from landscaping design to Japanese beetles. Kelly's unique landscaping designs are second to none and very professional. He has a degree in horticulture and knows how to maintain your lawn with superior care. Kelly will keep your lawn free of grubworms and your trees free of Japanese beetles. He has cared for my pear tree, and trimmed all the trees, bushes and shrubs. The applications of fertilizers and weed control are done in a timely manner noting the windspeed and temperature. Kelly maintains irrigation systems carefully inspecting the irrigation heads, checking for leaks, preparing and sending in all the back flow paperwork. You will not find a more conscientious lawn care provider. He goes above and beyond your expectations for all your lawn care needs. I highly recommend Kelly for a manicured lawn care look. He provides professional, excellent service done in a timely manner. I trust Kelly for all my lawn care needs and maintenance ... Thank you Kelly...Reliable and dependable for 17 years."
----Deb Degner Haugen

"Kelly George has performed our yard work for a number of years we have always been extremely satisfied with his work. Kelly will offer recommendations when needed that will improve our yard performance as he has been right on with his recommendations. In addition Kelly is a great guy and takes pride in his work. We would highly recommend Kelly for your yard company."
---Dean & Beth Cooper

"Kelly, thanks for making my yard look the best it has in years. See you next year!"

---Mike Ferguson

"Since Kelly George started taking care of my lawn it has never looked so good! Nice and thick and green. Can't go wrong using his service."

---Linda Podewils

"Kelly has been taking care of our lawn for several years now and provides great customer service. Unlike other big name lawn care service providers, Kelly doesn't try to up-sell you on services you don't really need. He simply does a great job and is willing to share his knowledge without any strings attached. Thanks Kelly for all you do to help us have a beautiful lawn!"                                                                                                                                           ---Georgann Smith

Are you ready for the Joneses to be jealous of YOUR lawn?

If you live in the Altoona or Pleasant Hill area, you'll be happy when you use Kelly's service.  His attention to detail was honed in the United States Navy, so it's second to none.  There's one person who cares about your lawn as much as you do and that's Kelly.  Request a quote so we can get started today!