Weed Week Wrap-up

What a great week it has been learning about different weeds and how they can affect your lawn. Helping you get one step closer to your Turf Jedi status! Hopefully you will be strolling into the week ahead with more knowledge on how to prevent your lawn from housing these annoying little fellas. Here are a few points from the past week I think are important to remember:

  • Use herbicides in liquid form to control weeds, you cannot count on a granular form to be as effective as a controlling agent.
  • Know if your herbicide is selective or non selective. Selective controls certain weeds (Broadleaf herbicides), typically used on dicots. Non selective herbicides don’t care what it is it’s gonna kill. Roundup is a non selective herbicide which should not be used in turf areas to kill weeds.
  • Pulling weeds do not help in the long run, there are always roots left in the ground that can propagate and create a bigger weed population.
  • If you ever have a question about your lawn ask me, I am here to help and want to see you succeed in finding the satisfaction of growing healthy turf for your outdoor living space.