5 Step Fertilization Program

That’s right!  Five steps. Stop wasting your money on six steps programs that are not needed. Why add fertilizer that isn't needed for our growing season? 

My 5 Step Plan is designed to provide an even food source for your lawn throughout Iowa's growing season.

Each application gives your turf the food it needs to recover from stress induced by normal traffic and mowing.

Every time we visit your lawn:

  • We spot spray for weeds
  • Blow any granular fertilizer off the sidewalks and driveways. Trust me the fertilizer is not going to make your concrete grow so why not put it in a place where it will do good instead of getting washed into the gutter. 
  • Check to any disease
  • Provide feedback on how to make your lawn healthier
  • On the day of service, you'll receive a text in preparation.  This allows you to leave gates unlocked or keep animals inside.
  • At the end of the day, you'll get an emailed invoice

To find out more why 5 steps is better than 6 read Kelly’s blog on fertilization.

What Makes My Turf Health Program Unique


In Step Three of my program, I include grub prevention.

In the long run, I am saving my customer money by preventing grub damage. Grubs aren't a matter of if, they're a matter of when.

At some point your lawn will reach a threshold that your grass will not be able to recover due to damage caused by severed roots. Grubs, the larvae of “June” Bugs,  Japanese beetles, and other beetles, are present in your lawn almost every year.

All of us see these little guys flying around in May and June, that is when these critters are laying their eggs.It's those eggs that typically hatch around the end of June and first part of July that give us our friendly little grub.

I used to provide grub prevention as an elective service but felt bad and somewhat responsible when those customers who dismissed prevention had grub damage.

Once grubs have attacked your lawn, they are hard to kill. The more mature they are, the harder they are to kill.  They continue to feed on your grass roots creating more damage until late October when they start to move downward in the soil profile to prepare for winter.

Once you have the damage, you'll need multiple steps to fix your lawn. 


I don't water down my products which means you are getting what you paid for.  I don't cut corners when it comes to taking care of your lawn.

All products that I use are carbon based fertilizers meaning they are manure based.  I prefer these products because the bacteria in the fertilizer helps break down the nutrients allowing your grass to better use it.


I spot treat for weeds every time I am on your lawn and will strive to keep your lawn weed free.

When I leave your lawn, I blow off the fertilizer from all of the hard surfaces.  Your lawn will be left looking better than it did when I arrived.​

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